Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday #1

Alright! This weekly bookish meme is brought to you by The Broke And The Bookish. What you need to do is list your top ten of whatever the theme of the week is.

This week's theme is: Top Ten Favorite Awww Moments in books. List your top ten moments that made you go "Awww...." And I'm warning everyone now that I'm going to be talking about certain scenes... so please don't read if you don't want a book to be spoiled!

This one took me about a half hour to go through the books I have on my shelf. But I think I got a nice set of ten moments. Here's my Top Ten Favorite Awww Moments (in alphabetical order by author):

1. Sharing Sam by Katherine Applegate... The part after Sam and Alison's first kiss, where he comes by her place and he places his hand on her window screen, and she puts her hand on his. Then he says, "I just wanted to see you before I went to sleep."

2. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen... When Annabel is helping Owen's sister Mallory with a fashion photo shoot. He sees the picture of Annabel when she was a model and tells her she looks different. She doesn't understand what he means. Then he takes a picture of her and shows it to her. "See? That's what you look like."

3. Major Crush by Jennifer Echols... The tractor part! Specifically when she has to repeat what she said while it was running after they stop: "It's really loud, it's beautiful out here, I like your arm around my waist." Then he says, "Yes, yes, what?" So cute.

4. And Both Were Young by Madeleine L'Engle... When Flip's staying at Paul's over the holidays and he comes in after they're supposed to be in bed. He tells her, "I can talk about anything with you," and he kisses her.

5. Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty... The part at prom, when Marcus steps up to the microphone and says, "Our first and last song for the evening is our only ballad. And it's the only song I'll ever sing. So I hope you're listening." He looks straight at Jessica and then takes off his button down shirt to reveal a T-shirt that says "You. Yes. You." And then he sings the song for her.

6. Anne Of The Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery... The very end when Anne and Gilbert finally are together. He says, "It will be three years before I'll finish my medical course. And even then there will be no diamond sunbursts and marble halls." Then she replies, "I don't want sunbursts and marble halls. I just want you."

7. Delirium by Lauren Oliver... When Lena and Alex are in the shed after the raid. He's talking about when he saw her while she was running. He says, "Everyone is asleep. They've been asleep for years. You seemed... awake. I'm tired of sleeping."

8. Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott... After Kate throws her shoe at Will and they go outside to look for it. They're arguing. He says, "And who do you think I was talking about when I said I wanted to talk someone into leaving with me?" She starts to defend herself, then realizes what he said, and replies, "Oh. You were talking about me?" And he says, "Did you see me looking at someone else?"

9. Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber... Raven and Alexander's dinner together. He gets her five wildflowers to represent the five times he saw her. He moves to sit closer to her saying, "All I can see are the wildflowers, and after all, you're much prettier." And when he sits next to her, his leg is touching hers.

10. What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones... The part where Sophie is spending the day with Murphy (before she realizes his name is really Robin) on a stay in town vacation. At the end of the day when they're watching the sunset, she turns to look at him and sees that he's watching her instead of the sunset.

Phew! Those were my Top Ten Awww... moments. What are yours?



  1. Major Crush is cute all the way through! I love all of Jennifer Echols' books pretty much

  2. Awww! ;) Fun moments. I haven't read Sharing Sam but that moment sounds sweet.

  3. I haven't read most of these books but your aww moments make me want to.

  4. Aww! You did a better job with your list than I did. I was too lazy to go through books looking for specific moments. But I love a lot of the books on your list!

  5. Thanks for the comments! I'm glad to hear of others that loved the same books and some that want to read them now. ^_^


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