Thursday, July 28, 2011

Follow Friday #14

Alright! Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read and is a way for book bloggers to get to know each other better. Just go to their pages and follow the directions, and you'll be making some new friends!

Q. Let's step away from books for a second and get personal. What T-Shirt slogan best describes you?

There was a shirt I saw in a catalog once a long time ago and wish I could have bought, but I was too late. It said on it "Take A Hike". The reason why I wanted it so much was because that was my first sentence. I kid you not. My first full sentence when I was a little tot was "Take a hike." This thanks to my dad, who would constantly say that jokingly to everyone, including me (he would always say stuff that's could be taken seriously as a joke). I'd look for a picture of the shirt, but I doubt I'd find it (I don't trust links to pictures I find on Google anymore either).



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Happy Follow Friday!



  1. Wow I wish my first words were immortalized on a T shirt! Hahaha! (I don't even know what my first words/sentence is though :(

    New follower! My own #FF post is here:

  2. That is so cute that take a hike was your first sentence. That would be a great shirt for you to have.

  3. Thats a great T-shirt slogan haha. I wish I knew my first full sentence. I followed. Check out my FF at Anonymous Reads. :)


  4. Like that shirt. Sounds like something I would tell an exboyfriend. Just visiting. Old follower saying hello.

  5. I wish my first words were that cool. I think mine was "cookie" lol. Cookies were my favorite thing when I was little.

    New Follower

    My FF:

  6. HAHAHA! My first word was In fact cookie. But I said tookie.
    New Follower.
    Stop by My Blog Click Here

  7. Hi & Happy Friday!

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. I don't even know my first words. I would have to ask my mom or dad. It was probably something boring.

    Here's my FF!

  9. Hi, new follower!

    haha, that's pretty good, you can customize your own shirts on a lot of sites, you should look into it!

    My FF can be found:

  10. Hahahaha, that story is actually really good :D Great choice!
    This is my Follow Friday.
    And I'm a new follower. I wouldn't mind if you follow me back *winks* :D

    BTW, I have two international giveaways going on right now so feel free to pass by and enter :D


  11. Im an old Follower

  12. Aww, that's so awesome! I love your slogan and the meaning behind it! I'm pretty sure that my first word was "balloon" although I always pronounced it "bawoon." x)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm a new follower for sure! :)

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  13. Hi, new follower! Great FF! Here is my first FF: Pawing Through Books

  14. Happy FF from a new follower. Nice choice.

    ~ Daniel A. Kaine - ~

  15. lol That's so cool that you remember that! I totally wish I remembered my first sentence. If you can't find it anywhere, you could make your own on Cafepress! :]

    Thanks for stopping by my friday memes and following my blog! I'm following your blog now as well! :)

    ♥ Sarah

  16. Haha aww, can just imagine a little kid saying 'take a hike'.

    Stop by :)

  17. Great answer I wish I had that shirt! Here's mine: PS new follower!

  18. Old follower saying "hey" ^_^. No am not going to say any dopey jokes.

    @Grace Fonesca: am sure what you say to your ex boyfriend will be a lot stronger than "take a hike".

  19. Thank you all! Great Follow Friday!

  20. I bet your parents just about fell over when you said that LOL! Thanks for stopping by on the hop =)

    Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog


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