Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pseudonym, Maybe

In lieu of a book review (that I still haven’t finished), I’m going to talk about pseudonyms for authors.

This is something I have thought about over and over and over again. Should I use a pseudonym or not? And if I DO use a pseudonym, what should it be? I’ve read articles about it, I’ve noted the reasons to use one or not use one. I really have no answer yet. The only way I can come up with an answer to this is to discuss my reasons pro-pseudonym and con-pseudonym. So, let’s discuss!

First off,. I like the idea of the anonymity. I'm a shy person in real life so I pretty much keep to myself for the most part. In fact, I'm indoors so much that even a customer at the pharmacy told me I needed a tan. So, I like the idea of not being easily found in the phone book.

Second, my last name. It’s long, has ten letters, and it’s Polish. Just think of a Polish name you know, and how much you can’t pronounce it. You won't believe how badly the name is said by telemarketers. I do love my last name, it would be nice to carry on a legacy with my real name for the family. But if nobody can pronounce it, what’s the point? I do realize there are authors with not so easy to pronounce names. I’m sure it's possible for people to figure it out.

And THEN! What should my pseudonym BE? I used to want to change both my first and last name. But now I just want to change my last name (because I like being called "Jessica"). Last names are hard. Especially when it’s going to be one that needs to match the name Jessica nicely, but also not already be taken. Like, I can’t use the last name Simpson without being confused with the pop star of the same moniker. And then there are those names you can’t use because it’s the same last name of someone you know. I have one last name I keep going to. I shall not name it now though. I’m still in debate.

Any thoughts anyone? On anything--pseudonyms in general, what you think I should do, any last name suggestions… I’m open to anything!



  1. I don't have any suggestions on the name but I'd actually like a pseudonym if I ever got anything published. I wouldn't want to be so easily looked up in the phone book. Plus my last name is so boring!

  2. I don't really have an opinion. I don't know which authors have pseudonyms and which don't. I think I know but you that's how it is supposed to be. I think the important thing is to stand out. Covers are great for that but sometimes a name is too. There is so much competition, it is hard to know.

  3. I've considered using a pseudonym on a number of occasions for various logical and illogical reasons but I've decided I can't be bothered with it anymore. I don't know why, but I always feels somehow deceived when I learn that the name of an author I like is actually a pseudonym. Polish names are cool. I think it's probably an advantage to have an uncommon surname in this day and age anyway because it makes you stand out :) Just my thoughts...

  4. Jenny: I think that's what I'm concerned with most, being looked up. Not only for my sake, but also for the family too.

    Alexis: Standing out is a good thing. :)

    Lan: Hmm... I wondered about that, deceiving readers. Polish names are cool. :P And uncommon does stand out.

    Thanks for all the thoughts!! ^_^


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