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Review: The Game Changer by Marie Landry

Title: The Game Changer
Author: Marie Landry
Published: November 13th 2012
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Melody Cartwright has never had a problem with change, but for the first time in her life the changes are beyond her control—she suddenly has a niece she never knew, but has to prove herself to; her best friend is making huge life changes of her own; and she has to deal with her ex and his crazy new girlfriend who has stalker tendencies.

When Melody meets confident, sexy Julian, she’s not interested in a relationship. He tells her it’s possible for a man and a woman to just be friends, and despite his ultra-charming ways there’s something about him that makes Melody believe he could be right.

During a time of change and turmoil, it doesn’t take long for Julian to become everything Melody never knew she needed in her life. But is it possible for them to remain ‘just friends’ or will Melody be a game changer for Julian the playboy?

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My Thoughts:

There are those books where there is something about them you can’t help but love. That is this book. As I’m sitting down to write this review, I can’t pinpoint the exact words to express the feelings I am feeling after reading this book. Not that I can’t express myself. Because I can. I just don’t think I can completely do these feelings justice. It goes deeper, and is just that good.

Melody is a character you relate to immediately. I got pulled into her world and felt like I was changing right along with her. After being in a long term relationship that ends abruptly, it really does suck. That’s why best friends are amazing. And Olivia is no exception. She’s like the living embodiment of the bestest best friend a person could have. Olivia helps Melody break free from what used to be a relationship with her ex, Rick. They go to a local nightclub one night… and Melody meets Julian.

Oh Julian. Um, can you say swoon? Okay, I will. SWOON. I am in love with this guy. He really is a wonderful person in so many ways. I wish I could tell it to you in more detail, but I fear that if I do, I will end up going on for a whole chapter’s worth of words. My favorite part with him: the nose kiss. OMG.

As time goes on, Olivia is starting to spread her wings in a relationship with Cameron. Olivia and Melody seem to be drifting apart for the first time despite the fact they’re living in the same apartment. In the midst of it all, Melody has been reaching out to her niece, Ava, who is now living with her mother. Ava is a sweet little girl, and with all she’s been through, you just want to scoop her up in your arms. Melody keeps having run-ins with the ex, which are never any fun. Plus, Melody and Julian are trying to keep their relationship platonic, but it keeps getting harder and harder. Especially when they both keep fighting their true feelings.

The Game Changer is a book you won’t soon forget. Full of life and love and change and friendship. It’s one of those books that makes you rethink your own life and want to get out there and do something more. Marie Landry kept me glued to the page for hours. I would sit down with the intention of reading one chapter and ended up reading five. I had to force myself to step away and go to bed. That is how good this story is. And my bottom line: Get your hands on this book now. You will love it.

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  1. I've had my eyes on this book for a while. I really like contemporaries and as someone who really dislikes change I think I'll probably learn something from reading this one!

    1. It's an amazing book with a lot to learn from it. I think you would definitely enjoy it! :)

  2. I love you times a million! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, it means so much to me. Thank you for the wonderful review. <3

    1. Love YOU times a million! <3 You're welcome sweetie!

  3. I love a character that you can relate too. I just got this book for review. I may have to bump it up on my list now :)

    Thanks for the great review and I love the blog design! When did you change it? I read your posts in my email so I wasn't sure how long you had it for.

    1. Yes, you need to bump it up on the list! You will love it. :)

      Thank you!!! :D It went up Oct 31/Nov 1st. I haven't put up a post dedicated to the designer yet but I should pretty soon before I forget to. :P


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