Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Replay #17 + a link & my week

Sunday Replay is a weekly recap of the postings on this blog. I will also be sharing other articles and newsworthy items I've found interesting. I may even showcase some pictures I've uploaded.

Stuff from the blog this week:

~A link & my week~

Okay, so I stopped posting a bunch of interesting links from around the blogosphere, but this one amused me. Chuck Wendig posted 25 gifts for writers... #2 had me rolling... and wanting that as a gift. ^_^

Ah, so my week. I worked SIX days last week--Monday through Saturday. We have this computer project at work that needs done by this coming Friday where we're inputting data into our system for new patients. There are more than 100 to add, and it takes approximately an hour to put in ONE patient. They trained me on the program so that I could help, which is why I worked yesterday. This coming week I will be working a few extra hours to continue helping with that. Once that is done, it should be back to regularly scheduled programming for me. I was thankful I wasn't called in today. I needed to rest up a bit.

I'm actually feeling like being productive the rest of tonight... I think I'm going to work on a writing project. After I clean up the little mess I made organizing more stuff to sell and donate. Lol.

Much love to all!



  1. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a crap week at work...Sorry. I'm one of those awful people that truly believes misery loves company. ;)

    1. Lol, no worries. Somehow it does feel better. ;) Sorry about your bad week! *hugs*

  2. 6 days?! An hour per patient?! Double gah. I'm supposed to be taking the month off, but I'm just as busy as always, only it's all the other stuff that's sort of fallen by the wayside I caved and started writing a new story last night. *shrugs* I hope this week is much better for you and that you get to relax some!

    1. Double gah is right! If I'm calculating it correctly, I'll be working an extra 8-10 hours this week. Which isn't so bad since I work 30 normally. It would be worse if I worked 40 plus the extra hours. I've been trying to pace myself this month and get prepared for next month but that's going very slowly. I hope I can relax a bit too. I've got plans for Saturday that should make the stresses of the week melt away. :) Thanks!


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