Monday, December 17, 2012

The "Make Up Your Own Challenge" Reading Challenge

Yep. It's a thing. Well, a thing I'm planning on doing anyway...

This isn’t a reading challenge per se. It’s more of a personal decision. I like participating in the Goodreads yearly challenge. It’s a simple and easy goal to set and achieve. However, all these challenges that pop up around the blogosphere can be very tempting to participate in. Considering how rough it was for me this year to attempt to keep up with the ones I chose, I have decided to go a new route. Instead of signing up for several challenges, I am going to make one up for myself. I will make a point to read a few certain books, but leave the rest up to whatever I feel like at the time.

Here is a short list if the reading goals I have for 2013:

  • 2-4 classics for The Classics Challenge (since I started it)
  • At least 2 rereads
  • Finish 4 series (The Hunger Games, The Jessica Darling Series, Delirium, and one more)
  • Read all the books I’ve won in a giveaway
  • Read the 2nd book in both the Temperance Brennan series and Gossip Girl series (since I didn’t get to either in 2012)

That’s what I want to do in 2013! It’s simple, not too complicated, and it will make me feel accomplished to do all the above.



  1. Great idea! I keep seeing all these challenges and I'm SO tempted to sign up, but I learned my lesson after last year - signing up for way too many and then not even really bothering to keep track so I have no idea if I completed most of them lol. I'm going to make up some goals and do a post too! :-)

    1. Oooh, yay! I'm glad you'll be doing the same. The challenges you signed up for are actually pretty good, and some will count for multiple challenges. I think you'll do fine. :) I have to say that some of the challenges out there are quite tempting though. ;)

    2. Right?? It's so hard to stop yourself sometimes. I've only signed up for ones that I KNOW I can complete because they're the types of books I always read lol...well except for the Classics Challenge, BUT I have a list and since rereads are allowed this year, I know I can do it.


    4. YES, it is so hard. :P And I know you can do it too! Going to check your post out now! :D

  2. I love this idea so much! I am one of those people who sees a challenge and gets sucked in only to not read a single book for the challenge a year later. It all leads to heartbreak in the end.

    I think I'll make it easy for myself and will just make it a goal to read one book a week!

    1. That's a good goal! Which was essentially what I was intending to do this year, but I ended up going over when I had more free time in the middle of the year. Pick out some good ones! :)


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