Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy things YOU can do to help indie authors

Love indie authors? Want to help spread the word about their books? Here are some ways you can do so, and they aren't too hard to do either. ^_^


1. Buy Their Book

This seems simple enough, right? Generally speaking, most indie novels are priced reasonably (in the range of $0.99 to $4.99). So it's not a huge investment, especially if it's 99 cents! Compare that to traditionally published ebooks, you're saving quite a bit and getting (more often than most think) an equally as good story.

2. Read And Review

I have to admit, I am notorious for not following through on this. It's easy to click "BUY NOW" and get a book. This does help an author out. What helps more is reading it and then posting a review online. This way more people can see it who may not have heard of the book yet. Also, your review may help them decide to check the book out for themselves.

If possible, put your review on not only your blog, but also other sites like Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords (you can only post on there if you purchase from them), and other sites that offer a review feature. I know when I am browsing on these sites I am more likely to take a peek at reviews that are posted right there rather than search elsewhere for them.

3. Host A Giveaway

Loved the book so much you want to tell all your friends? Do one better and give a copy away on your blog. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords have the option of gifting ebooks to others. It's really simple--all you'll need is the winner's email address and which ereader they use.

Already have too many books and review requests on your plate? Can't afford to buy any more books at the moment? There are free ways to support and promote authors.

4. Retweet And Share

Follow indie authors on Twitter and like their Facebook pages. When they post something in promotion of their novel (release date or maybe even a sale), retweet or share it. This gives them a little bit more exposure by spreading the word to the people who follow you.

5. Promote The Book

Dedicate a post to the author or their book. You don't even have to contact the author. Do a cover reveal if they just revealed it on their blog. Spotlight a debut indie author (or multiple indie authors) and/or their book (or books).

Some authors will reach out to their followers to host a blog tour stop on their blog. They are more than happy to provide you with a free copy of their novel so that you can take part in the tour. All you need to do is read, review, and post on your blog tour date. If you want, you can do something more, like an author spotlight, excerpt, or interview. Sometimes they can provide a copy of the ebook for you to giveaway. It won't cost you anything, and it offers one of your followers the chance to read the book.


These are some of the little things we can do as readers and bloggers to help promote our indie author friends. I've been able to a little something from each section above at least once. Every indie author appreciates all the support they can get from us, no matter how small it is.



  1. These are all great but you should mention following your blog. ;) I've found some great books just by doing that and in turn gave them a good review. I should do more, though. Great ideas!

    1. Jenny, you're so sweet! We all play our a role in helping. I've found out about some great books on your blog too. ^_^

  2. This is so fantastic, Jess! As an indie, I can tell you that I certainly appreciate people like you who spread the word and show support. It means so much, and it really does help, especially since all the promotion is left up to the author and it can be really hard trying to find new ways to spread the word without saturating the blog/Facebook/Twitter and annoying people!

    1. It is hard for authors to promote their own work without being irritating to others. That's what book bloggers and reviewers are for. And especially with all the indie author drama as of late, people need to have their attention drawn to the GOOD indie authors to see they are wonderful people. :)


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