Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday #4 - "This Time (Klaas Remix)" by Dj Antoine

Music Monday is a new feature over at Ramblings of a Daydreamer where we can talk about music. It can be any sort of music thing on your mind--a song or an artist or music you're listening to while reading or writing or anything else music related. Have fun with it! Just link back to Marie so others can join in. ^_^

I've always got music on my mind, so I'll probably be sharing whatever song has been stuck in my head recently. There's always a song stuck in my head. Enjoy!


Song of the Moment:
"This Time (Klaas Remix)" by Dj Antoine

Years ago, I bought the CD David Waxman Presents Ultra Electro 2 for one song. Since I was obsessed with The OC at the time, I wanted the remix of the song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. The remix was okay, but that's all I really listened to on there. I pulled up the album on my iPod the other day to check out some of the other songs and discovered this gem. It actually has relevance, lyric-wise, on the story I'm writing (If Only We). And it makes me want to dance around the room.



Lyrics (chorus):

This time
You should take me away
To a new place
Where we just might
Keep an eye on the sky
This time
This time...


So what kind of music is on your mind this week? ^_^



  1. I like this song! The OC had the best music. They played a lot of great indie stuff, and they played U2 which always got them bonus points from me lol. A friend gave me parts 1 and 2 of the soundtrack years ago, but I haven't listened to it in ages. I might have to dig it out now! :-)

    1. They did! I never got any of the soundtracks, but I created a playlist of music on my iPod and have added to it with songs from the show. I've purchased several CD's based off enjoying a song off there. I really do need to buy the soundtracks though--they're full of great music I don't have yet! :D


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