Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting! (4)

Oh, How Pinteresting is hosted by The Vintage Apple. This is where we show off the pins we love and show how addicted we are to Pinterest.

~Sometimes how I feel, my thoughts wandering everywhere.~

~There's something exceptionally gorgeous about this picture.~

~I am tempted to dedicate one of my books like this someday. Scratch that, I AM going to do this with one of my books.~

~I was searching "taking names" one day and found this... now I want this shirt.~

~Ain't that the truth! I mean, you COULD listen to TDG at a low volume, but you won't feel the magnitude of awesome unless it's at high volume.~

~I still remember when Nathan Fillion tweeted this picture.~

~It's hard to move forward when you allow yourself to be trapped in the chains. The chains being anything that is holding you back from where you want to be.~

~I so so so want to start making these things out of shirts. I keep seeing them all over the place online and I would love to make one for myself.~

So, what awesomeness have you pinned?



  1. I LOVE the Nathan Fillion pic. LOL! And the dedication one made me feel all happy. My two favorite of the bunch :D

  2. I love that dedication, and I love the 'break these chains' picture. Plus, of course, Nathan Fillion!

    1. Of course. ;) And I saw you pinned that one! :D


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