Monday, September 16, 2013

Gilmore Girls Mondays (5)

Welcome to Gilmore Girls Mondays!

After weeks of not watching, I finally decided to get back into it. Since I have only seen season one, I have been super anxious to watch season two. I had a problem though: I didn't HAVE season two. BUT the always amazing Marie Landry sent me season two. ♥ TY MARIE!!! ♥ Once that problem was solved, I had another problem. I really wanted to finish watching season one to catch up to where season two starts. And I tried... but I kept getting distracted with EVERYTHING. So, I had to kick myself in the booty and say, "Jessica, just skip ahead to season two, you know that's what you really want to watch." So I did, and here I am today to talk about part of season two!

It was pretty awesome to see where things started heading in the first four episodes. Since I've read some spoilers here and there about Gilmore Girls (out of my own curiosity when I had first watched the series), I already knew a couple things that were coming. Like Lorelei breaking off her engagement with Max. Before it happened, I could feel it was happening. The signs were there, it was apparent (to me, anyway) that her feelings weren't deep. And for her to accept to begin with when she didn't feel ENOUGH, that is worse than breaking off an engagement. I don't have much else to say with regard to the episodes, but I do have some quotes I loved...

My favorite quotes this week:

Lorelai: I've got to check in at the Inn. Michel's there by himself. People could die.
Michel: I feel like crap on toast.
Rory: I think we're lost.
Lorelai: We can't be lost, we don't know where we're going.
Lorelai: Can I ask you stupid questions?
Luke: There's no such thing.
Lorelai: How does the ink come out of pens?
Luke: Okay, there is such a thing.

So, my lovely followers, do you like watching Gilmore Girls? Join in and watch with us!



  1. You're making me want to watch this all over again! I so miss this show.

  2. Thanks for this great advice dear i am very inspired of your blog.

  3. I think I own season 2 and 3 -- the ones with Luke's nephew Jess. I am obsessed with him. I liked Max a lot, but no one can beat Luke. He's her soul mate for sure.

    1. Hahaha! I agree. There's just something about that chemistry. :D

  4. YAY that you finally get to see S2. Do you have any of the other seasons? Because most of them *glares at the final season* are amazing.

    I was SO MAD at Lorelai this time around, being an adult this rewatch I was really appalled at her behavior. I could understand it, but I still just wanted to shake her for hurting Max. :/

    1. Nope, just season 1 and 2. My video store has season 3, so I'll probably rent it when I finish season 2.

      YES. I kinda wish I had watched the show years ago so I could see it through my younger and older eyes. I want to shake her too!

  5. You're so welcome! :-D <3
    I was just reading your comment to Molli, and it really is a shame you didn't watch it when it was originally on. It's amazing and enlightening and even a bit weird to have watched it when I was Rory's age, and now to be closer to Lorelai's age. I always related so much to Rory, and I still do, but I find myself really relating to Lorelai in a way I never did as a teen. There are a few things coming up that I think you'll really be able to relate to with your own personal life, so I'm eager for you to get there! Plus there's a boy coming...I think in season 3 though...that you'll be happy to see. ;-)

    1. I know! And that's probably why I'm more obsessed with The OC and Veronica Mars because I watched both when they came out and it was like RIGHT when I was near that age so I could relate to everything. Oooh, things I can relate to? And, a BOY coming? Woot! I can always rent season 3 at some point. :)


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