Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If Only We Blog Tour Day Four! + Oh, How Pinteresting! (5): If Only We Edition!

Welcome to the If Only We Blog Tour!

Today is the fourth day on the tour. Be sure to check out Day One and enter the giveaway! ^_^

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Today on the tour are the following two amazing bloggers...

McKenzie @ Next Page Reviews (interview)
Ember @ Ember Casey (spotlight)

Oh, How Pinteresting is hosted by The Vintage Apple. This is where we show off the pins we love and show how addicted we are to Pinterest.

This time around, I am sharing a bunch of pictures I have found and that have special meaning when it comes to If Only We. Enjoy!

~Sometimes it would be nice, wouldn't it? For the person you care about to know what is going on in your head? Both Adrienne and Chevy have things they want the other to know.~
~This can be for life in general. There are always risks we want to take, but so many of us chicken out and believe it WON'T work out. But, that's such a horrible way to live because you can't REALLY live unless you're taking at least SOME risks. Because, you never know... it might be the best thing you could ever do for yourself.~
~When I saw this one, I just knew that it portrayed the scene where Adrienne goes to the abandoned barn near the end. There's just something about the feel of it that gives me shivers.~

~This one reminds me of a couple Adrienne and Chevy moments.~
~This is the theme of the whole book, how Adrienne views her second chance.~

~Maybe that's what If Only We boils down to.~

~And this one. THIS ONE. I swear, it was the best quote I've read so far and really brings If Only We home.~

~I believe this is true... I've been experiencing a lot of redirection in the last year and I know that it is because the universe has a better idea. The same thing happens to Adrienne too.~

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