Sunday, October 20, 2013

If Only We is LIVE on Amazon!

That's right! If Only We is available on Amazon! It's a week early, which wasn't necessarily part of the plan, BUT I wanted to make sure that there weren't any upload issues. So, Kindle users get the chance to get it a little earlier than expected. ^_^

Oh, and what's even BETTER about it...

Purchase on AMAZON

Yep! You can get it for ONLY 99¢! This will go on from now and through the duration of the blog tour, so, it IS for a limited time. ;)



  1. Congrats, Jessica! *throws confetti* I'm so excited for you :D

    1. Yay confetti!!! *jumps around* Thank you so much!! :D

  2. CONGRATS JESS! I hope IF ONLY WE touches many, many people!


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