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Review: Wanted: Wife by Gwen Jones

Title: Wanted: Wife
Author: Gwen Jones
Published: June 4th 2013
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Andy Devine is advertising for a wife on a utility pole, and interviewing him is the last thing TV reporter Julie Knott needs. Especially after her cheating fiancĂ© just tweeted their disengagement. Now she has got to choose: get the story — or become it?

Wanted: Wife

Landed, Financially Secure 40-Yr-Old Male

* Handsome, but with old-school communication skills and a secret past *

Seeks Healthy, Athletic Female

* Preferably a pretty reporter with a messy love life who has never spent a day in the woods *

For Marriage and Family

* What could possibly go wrong? *

If you love the humor and romance of Rachel Gibson and Susan Elizabeth Phillips, don't miss the fabulous debut of Gwen Jones!

My Thoughts:

I have no idea why it's taken me this long to write my review for this beauty of a book. I signed up for a promo tour for Wanted: Wife and its sequel months ago and ended up being so intrigued by the synopsis that I had to buy a copy. And oh my goodness, you guys... this book became my favorite of 2014!

There was something so impossibly perfect about the idea of Andy looking for a wife and picking Julie. It's so ridiculously silly on the surface, but when we get to the wedding day, everything they face draws you in and holds you there. Andy not only wants a wife and a family, but also someone to help him take care of their house, crops, and animals. They live in the middle of nowhere with limited contact with the world around them.

I love the idea of this--going back to something simpler and pure and beautiful--and that's probably why I loved reading their story. Reading the journey Andy and Julie take to accomplish everything that needs to be done completely warmed my heart. They got married without really knowing each other, but now they're together and the more time they spend together, the more they fall for each other. But life isn't as easy as they would like it to be, and on this road of ups and downs, they need to work together for it to stay together.

Wanted: Wife is in my top ten favorite books of all time! I loved the sweetness of it, how romantic Andy is when he speaks to Julie in French. I looked up all the words he said and I swear I was a melted pile of swoon. There's so much to this story, more than just the romance, and I adored it even more because of it. I will absolutely be reading more books by Gwen Jones!

My Rating:


  1. Oh that so sounds like one I would like. I love that set up and feel. Thanks for the heads up Jessica. I might have skipped over this one.


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