Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: Twins on the Way by Janice Maynard

Title: Twins on the Way
Author: Janice Maynard
Published: April 7th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
She's pregnant on his doorstep in this novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Janice Maynard

Workaholic Cassidy Corelli was a virgin…until her one night with Gavin Kavanagh. Now the daughter of a Vegas mogul has two little problems—the twins she's carrying! When her father disowns her, she's left with only one place to go—back to Gavin.

But the millionaire's been burned before. He wants a paternity test. Until then, he's determined to keep this woman out of his bed—for his own good. But once he's enjoyed a perfect passion, can a starving man deny himself one more taste?

My Thoughts:

This story was definitely one of those that had all sorts of ups and downs, and back and forths. Your heart goes out to Cassidy because here she is, pregnant with twins, and her father kicks her out. Then she goes to see Gavin, the father of her babies, only to have him be extremely reluctant to believe they could even be his.

Of course, Gavin isn't the kind of person to just let her go, knowing she was on her own now. It doesn't take long until the passion from their night in Vegas begins heating up, against their better judgment. Then Cassidy gets a phone call from her father asking for someone to check into who's been stealing from him. With Gavin's assistance, they search for an answer, and in the meantime discovering where their lives are going to lead.

Twins on the Way is a sweet and charming novel. I enjoyed seeing how things changed between everyone--between Cassidy and her father, and between Cassidy and Gavin. Janice Maynard knows how to keep things interesting.

My Rating:

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