Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: The Hookup Hoax by Heather Thurmeier

Title: The Hookup Hoax
Author: Heather Thurmeier
Published: May 26th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Sawyer Sterling needs a girlfriend. With the family cabin up for grabs, he's desperate to prove that he could be the guy to “pass it on.” Of course, Sawyer also has a tendency to treat relationships like a contagious stomach flu that should be avoided at all costs. Now he needs a girlfriend-for-hire. Someone he can trust. Someone he could never, ever fall for...

Someone like his best friend's sister.

Sawyer's offer is exactly what Olivia Morgan needs. After traveling around the world for the last five years, the promise of a job and free accommodations is heaven. And sure, maybe Sawyer's a super-hot, charming guy with dimples made for kissing, but he’s not willing to be the guy—or relationship—she needs.

All it takes is one hot hook-up before this little hoax gets blown all to hell...

My Thoughts:

I will never, ever, ever, ever get tired of the fake relationship trope. Like, EVER. I'm drawn to it, like it's the dessert tray. And I'm always happy by the time I finish reading the story. The Hookup Hoax is definitely up there on my favorite fake relationship books!

Sawyer wants the family cabin, but he needs to prove he's the right kind of person to give it to. Enter Olivia, his best friend's sister. Since she's been traveling and doing odd jobs, she doesn't really have much to add to her resume to get a job or apartment. Sawyer offers both to her, in exchange that she pretend to be his girlfriend. Seems easy enough, right? Not with the obvious sexual desire burning beneath the surface. And after one kiss--one that wasn't part of the deal--it's even more difficult to keep feelings hidden. When the person you're pretending to date is a person you're told you can't, it definitely causes friction. Will the two of them be able to come out unscathed?

The Hookup Hoax has it all--stolen kisses, steamy moments, true romance. I loved the focus on family, and the love that the family has for one another. And that, despite the obstacles, Sawyer and Olivia have a connection they can't deny. I'll definitely be checking out more by Heather Thurmeier.

My Rating:


  1. Love the fake relationship story too. Always will! And because I always have something to say about covers... look at her calves. Damn!

    1. Oh yes! And I saw that, too! I was like WHOA. LOL.


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