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Review: Embrace by S. Layne

Title: Embrace
Author: S. Layne
Published: May 10th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Adult Contemporary
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Caution: WILL contain spoilers 
Liam Parker crash landed into Laurie’s life when everything else was crumbling all around her. Her marriage and career were in pieces and her mind was left spinning.

But one touch from Liam, and Laurie could forget everything else around her.
She thought she had it all figured out.

As Laurie lost herself in Liam’s warm caresses and his commanding blue eyes, her husband refused to go quietly into the night. While Laurie fought to move on, it was James who was working his way back into her life, fighting for the marriage they had once held dear.

Forced to make choices she never imagined having to make, Laurie finally found herself on firm footing, knowing which way she was going to turn.

But then life threw her another curveball. And when she once again began picking up the pieces, learning how to survive and rebuild after everything exploded, there was only one man still there, one man who remained by her side, showing her that sometimes life isn’t about learning how to survive…

It’s about learning how to thrive.

My Thoughts:

If I didn't have a copy of Embrace after finishing Entice, I probably would have passed out. The first book in The Affair series had me all turned around, and my mind was focused on one thing and one thing only: What. Is. Going. To. Happen. Next. Because seriously! With everything that happened by the end of the first book, my feels were all discombobulated and there was no way I couldn't find out what was next.

At the end of Entice, Laurie finds out something that completely throws her for a loop and she isn't even sure what to do. Liam tries his best to explain his side of things, and the two of them face some serious decisions. When a family emergency arises, Laurie leaves everything behind to take care of it. She is placed in close quarters with her husband, James, the one who was caught cheating on her. Laurie discovers that in life there are many things that are not entirely black and white. James is still determined as ever to win Laurie's affections again, despite the fact that she slept with Liam. They both made mistakes. They both want to make their lives better again. Laurie just needs to figure out what, and who, she wants in the end.

Embrace brought on all the feels, all the emotions, and all the romance. Before reading this book, I had a very strong opinion when it came to infidelity, but after this, I can understand why someone would want to remain with their spouse in certain circumstances. The love story Laurie chooses to have makes you believe in true love. S. Layne caused all sorts of feelings to arise in me through this whole series. I swear, you need to read it and see for yourself!

My Rating:

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