Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Turning the Tables by Joan Kilby

Title: Turning the Tables
Author: Joan Kilby
Published: June 9th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Adult Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Tina Borlenghi is a billionaire businesswoman, heiress to the Borlenghi fortune, and living la dolce vita. She's also a magnet for men who crave fame and celebrity. So while in New York City launching a new fashion boutique, Tina is more than intrigued when sports bar owner Luke Pederson mistakes her for a sales assistant. He's sexier than sin and only interested in her. What's the harm in a little steamy role-playing?

Luke can't get enough of Tina. And yet, something feels…off. Why is she so secretive? As their role-playing encounters become more erotic, Luke’s suspicions grow. The woman rocking his world is hiding something. Something big. He’s ready to play for keeps, but finding out who Tina really is may just turn the tables on everything he thought he knew about love.

My Thoughts:

Completely went into this one blind, but it was great. There's something about a sexy story involving people from opposite sides of the social spectrum, probably because when you see them fall for each other you know it's real.

From the first meeting of Luke and Tina, you can't help but warm to them right away. They're attracted to each other, that's for sure, but she decides to omit the fact that she's the one behind the fashion boutique and not a sales associate. She has her reasons, all of which are revealed in due time, but she feels it's okay to leave that part out for now. Luke is curious, wanting to know more about Tina because he grows to care about her. Tina wants to keep things casual, though, because it's safe. When the truth comes out, it's up to each of them to prove to the other how much they really care.

Turning the Tables is a hot, page-turning romance. Your heart goes out to Tina with everything happening in her life, and your heart melts at how wonderful and genuine Luke is. The two of them together creates a powerful spark, and their role-playing leaps off the page until you're fanning yourself. Joan Kilby's book is very sexy, and worth the read!

My Rating:


  1. I go into almost every read totally blind. It makes it kind of exciting I think :D Awesome this one turned out good for ya. I've got it on my list now :D

    1. I've been doing that a lot more lately, especially with my favorite Entangled and Harlequin lines. I've never been disappointed by them--so I trust the story will be good!


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