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Review: Chasing Jillian by Julie Brannagh

Title: Chasing Jillian
Author: Julie Brannagh
Published: July 7th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Score a touchdown with Julie Brannagh's latest Love and Football novel—about discovering who you are and finding love along the way.

Jillian Miller likes her job working in the front office for the Seattle Sharks, but lately being surrounded by a constant parade of perfection only seems to make her own imperfections all the more obvious. She needs a change, which takes her into foreign territory: the Sharks' workout facility after hours. The last thing she expects is a hot, grumbly god among men to be there as witness.

Star linebacker Seth Taylor has had a bad day—well, a series of them recently. When he hits the Sharks' gym to work out his frustration, he's startled to find someone there—and even more surprised that it's Jillian, the team owner's administrative assistant. When he learns of her mission to revamp her lifestyle, he finds himself volunteering to help. Something about Jillian's beautiful smile and quick wit makes him want to stick around. She may not be like the swimsuit models he usually has on his arm, but the more time Seth spends with her, the harder he falls.

And as Jillian discovers that the new her is about so much more than she sees in the mirror, can she discover that happiness and love are oh-so-much better than perfect?

My Thoughts:

Jillian is determined to lose weight, so she decides to start using the equipment at the place she works when nobody will know she's doing it. That's when she runs into Seth. He's surprised to find her there, but when he finds out what her plan is, he wants her to achieve her goals. They become friends, with an underlying possibility of something more. It doesn't happen immediately, but when it does, talk about swoonage, people. Melting your heart swoonage. There are some speed bumps along the way, but their hearts will lead them in the right direction.

Chasing Jillian is a super sweet new friendship slowly turned romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow build. Seth and Jillian are adorable together, and the depth of their feelings shows in the way they interact and talk to each other. It was great to watch Jillian break free from her comfort zone with Seth's help. All in all, a great romance by Julie Brannagh! I'd love to get caught up on the rest of the Love and Football series!

My Rating:


  1. Without having read this one I can't fully judge but I could see how this one could raise all sorts of controversy. Like Jillian having to lose weight for Seth to be interested. I'm not judging though. I think it sounds cute.

    1. Lol. I can see where you're coming from on that--it never felt like that to me, though! :)

  2. I saw it on sale for 1 dollar one day, so I picked it up. Great review. I'll have to give it a shot eventually.


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