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Review: How to Save a Surgeon by C.M. Stone

Title: How to Save a Surgeon
Author: C.M. Stone
Published: August 17th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
He's sworn off all women...

When he lost the girl he loved, Dr. Jackson DeMatteo shut down his heart and became the kind of perfectionist surgeon that alienated him from the residents. Now Jackson has a very coveted promotion dangling before him...but it comes with a price. Working with adorably geeky first-year resident Darla Morales is definitely going to cost him. Big time.

She's just what the doctor ordered...

Completing her trauma residency demands confidence and Darla, who's already pretty high on the nerd scale, is definitely not confident. Worse still, she's forced to work with Doctor Dreamy, who makes her even more nervous and defensive. Darla needs to focus on the work and not his bedroom eyes if she ever hopes to become a trauma surgeon.

My Thoughts:

When I first started this book, it was really difficult for me to get into it. Darla is working as a resident under Jackson and things don't necessarily start off the greatest. Over time, the two of them get to know more about each other and somehow find themselves wrapped up in a secret relationship. This relationship could get them both into trouble at the hospital because of the fact that she's his intern--huge conflict of interest. What will they do when the truth comes out?

How to Save a Surgeon is a nice story of two people who learned how to overcome their obstacles on their own. It was hard to connect with them at first, but I did find that I enjoyed the second half of the book. Definitely a unique story, with a nice hint of forbidden romance weaved in. I'd say that if you pick this up, make sure you keep reading because you'll enjoy Jackson and Darla's story when you get to the end.

My Rating:


  1. Not all books have to have an exciting beginning but it doesn't hurt.

    1. It's just so hard to want to invest time in a book when it isn't keeping your interest. But it definitely got better! :)


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