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Review: Just One Reason by Brooklyn Skye

Title: Just One Reason
Author: Brooklyn Skye
Published: August 17th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
He's more than she bargained for...

As far as Declan Waterford is concerned, women are off limits-at least until he can earn enough money for his brother's surgery. The dueling piano gig at Vegas's Masquerade hotel barely pays enough...but if Declan can convince his boss to promote him, he'll be set. And the Senior VP of the hotel's gorgeous daughter might just be the "in" Declan needs.

Between drowning in mistakes at her editorial internship and fighting off her father's demands that she relocate to Vegas and join his hotel empire, Melody Sumner doesn't have time for love-or one-night stands with sexy Irish piano players-no matter how appetizing Declan is. But even though she knows he's only interested in her for one reason, the intense chemistry between them has her thinking dangerous thoughts...

My Thoughts:

Melody meets Declan while he's playing piano at a hotel her father owns. She doesn't really like the way he handles himself on the stage because he is very crude. She threatens to tell her father about the way he does his set to get him removed, but then she asks him to do her a favor: teach her how to play piano while she's in town. She has a reason, and it has nothing to do with actually wanting to learn piano. Declan agrees, and he starts to teach her. During this process, they find each other irresistible... and end up on top of the piano for something other than a piano lesson. Melody is supposed to be leaving, but a few unfortunate events transpire to throw her life--and Declan's--for a loop. What will each of them decide to do?

Just One Reason is a short and sweet read. Pair a sexy Irishman with a somewhat innocent girl and the sparks are just a-flying everywhere! I appreciated how the author didn't make the characters do something they didn't want to just because other people were trying to force their hand. Nobody should have to do anything that isn't in the stars for them. Brooklyn Skye can keep the stories coming!

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