Friday, September 25, 2015

Review: Chasing Jane by Noelle Adams

Title: Chasing Jane
Author: Noelle Adams
Published: September 23rd 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
My mother named me Jane after Jane Austen--or maybe Jane Eyre. She said either one would do. With a name like Jane, I might not be a beauty queen or the most popular girl in the room, but I would be smart and strong and make good decisions.

I guess I've mostly lived up to my name.

My mother died before we could go on our trip to England to visit all of the best Jane-spots, so I'm going with my best friend instead. That's Nate. He's sweet and funny and adorable, and we've known each other since kindergarten. In fact, he was almost my stepbrother until my mom and his dad broke up. But don't get the wrong idea about him. It's never been romantic between us.

At the moment, I'm crazy about this mystery guy I've been talking to on a dating site, and he's nothing like Nate at all. I don't know why I'm suddenly finding Nate so attractive, and I don't know why he has started acting kind of strange.

Anyway, this is my Jane trip, and I've been waiting for it all my life.

My Thoughts:

A spontaneous new release by one of my favorite authors? YES, PLEASE. And I love shorter stories--they're more focused and to the point. When the romance happens, it's not dragged out with unnecessary conflict.

With Chasing Jane, it had everything you could wish for in a shorter romance. The best friends to lovers trope is always welcome in my books, and Nate and Jane are perfectly adorable together as friends. You can feel their struggle, their hope, and their love in the interactions they have. I love Jane's story--not just her romance, but her background with her name and her mom and her trip. Everything was well thought out and written so that you fell for the characters the same way they fell for each other. This book is definitely a recommendation in my book if you're looking for a quick and sweet read.

My Rating:


  1. A well written, well thought out short story is hard to find. They usually feel so rushed and incomplete. This one sounds like it didn't suffer at all. And I too love friends to lovers stories.

    1. It is hard to find! Some feel like they aren't fleshed out enough. But this one was nice. :)


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