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Mini Reviews: Neptune Noir by Rob Thomas; Not Her Type by Kay Jaybee; and Cannon by Sabrina Paige

Title: Neptune Noir
Author: Rob Thomas
Published: April 10th 2007
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Nonfiction
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Veronica Mars has won the hearts of a small but devoted fanbase drawn to Veronica’s class-torn hometown, where the high school landscape echoes adult patterns of power and privilege, and your best bet for justice is a teenage girl and her private detective father. The show is so snarky, so smart, and so savvy, that the detective show’s biggest mystery is why more people aren’t watching.

This collection of essays on the show’s first two seasons explores the noir roots of Veronica’s blond locks, and the sharp writing and killer plot twists that have catapulted Veronica Mars to the top of smart viewers’ must-watch lists.

My Thoughts:

I love me some Veronica Mars, and I love to talk about it and discuss it too. And with the movie coming out shortly, I got all psyched to read a little bit of this. Sadly, it was more of a bore to me than interesting. I just couldn't really get into these essays. I already know the amazingness that is Veronica Mars, and I have thought long and hard on a lot of the same points they were making. It's not really interesting to read the stuff you already have figured out.

For some Veronica Mars fans, it might be very intriguing to read through this compilation of thoughts on the dynamic of the show, the characters, and their stories. But, not all Veronica Mars fans will be impressed. Some will get bored quickly. I was among the latter. But I know that some will enjoy this, so it's not entirely a loss.

My Rating:


Title: Not Her Type
Author: Kay Jaybee
Published: December 15th 2011
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
When Jenny’s regular film courier, John, reveals how she has become the center of his sexual dream world, Jenny’s quiet existence is thrown into an arena of desire that she thought she’d long since abandoned.

One unexpected, head swimming romp later, and Jenny is left wondering if her courier will ever visit her again, and if he does, will he mention the hot sex they had on her living room floor that Tuesday afternoon, or will he pretend that it hadn’t happened?

When the following Tuesday arrives and John reappears on Jenny’s doorstep, the scene is set for a continuation of intensely kinky weekly meetings. There is only one problem. John really really isn’t Jenny’s type...

My Thoughts:

I picked this one up with the hopes that I would have a nice, hot, steamy ride. And I'm not going to say there wasn't steam (because there was), but the steam didn't outweigh the rest of the story. It felt thrown together, and too ridiculous to even find remotely believable. Maybe it's not supposed to BE believable, but I like my stories to have some sense of realistic features. But, this is all my opinion. Like I said, it's steamy. And if you like a lot of crazy and hot scenes in your book, well, that's what you'll get here.

My Rating:


Title: Cannon
Author: Sabrina Paige
Published: June 2nd 2015
Source: Purchased
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Hendrix "Cannon" Cole is a major D*ck. That's D*ck with a capital D.

He's nicknamed "Cannon" because of the weapon between his legs.

He's damaged, dirty, and demanding. A sexy-as-f*ck ex-Marine.

My stepbrother.

I used to hate him. Then I loved him. Then I hated him again.

Our history is complicated. But my family thinks he's the perfect solution to my problem. A scandal has thrown me into the limelight, and I'll be screwed if I don't stay on the straight and narrow. Now, Hendrix's new job is making sure I behave.

What I didn't count on was being stuck spending every waking moment with him.

The heat between us is explosive. But if he fires that cannon, we'll both get burned.

**This is a standalone novel with a HEA**

My Thoughts:

With all these stepbrother romances around, sometimes you can't help but get sucked into them. Forbidden romance? Check. Sexy stepbrother? Check. Like I said. In Cannon, I was drawn into Hendrix and Addison's world, the controversies and the emotions. Everything between them was complicated and easy at the same time. Their chemistry was undeniable, and it wasn't just because of what they were to each other as far as their parents being married--it was because of the feelings they had for each other. I loved seeing everything play out, watching them struggle through the way they feel toward the other along with the expectations from the parents. This series by Sabrina Paige is definitely worth checking out!

My Rating:


  1. Well one out of three isn't bad. Sometimes I feel like a loser because I have never seen Veronica Mars. :(

    1. That's true! Veronica Mars is the best! If you have NetFlix, I'm pretty sure it's on there. :)


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