Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan

Title: Tell Me You Need Me
Author: Joya Ryan
Published: November 16th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Playing dirty can be the best kind of fun…

Chloe Franklin wouldn’t call herself a commitment-phobe, so much as she’s allergic to anything long term. She loves the sexy, sweaty, and intensely hot hours of the night that come before the sun rises, though. Especially when those nights are spent with Search-and-Rescuer Gage McGraw...

Gage loves his job, but there is one thing he’s starting to like more than the rush of a mission—a stacked blonde with a mouth that haunts his dreams. Every time he steps foot in the sleepy town of Beaufort, he hooks up with Chloe. But he’s tired of hooks-ups. He wants more.

Just the sight of Gage gets Chloe's blood going. Hot, bothered, and finally naked, she’s ready for their night to start. But before he takes her, he whispers what his intentions really are…and then the games really begin.

My Thoughts:

I've read two of Joya Ryan's books, Chasing Mr. Wrong and Rules of Seduction, both Entangled Brazen books, and I adored them both so much. It's reached the point where I want to read every last one of her books all at once. So this one definitely made the list of top priority...and I was not wrong in making it a priority.

Chloe and Gage are "if I'm in town, let's hook up" friends with benefits. They've been doing this for awhile, and every time they're together it's spectacular. But this time is different: Gage wants more. Chloe immediately panics because what they had was exactly what she wanted and she doesn't want anything to change. Thus begins the battle between Gage and Chloe--she's trying to seduce him back into her bed, while he's trying to convince her to join him for dinner. Their game takes them where they never expected their relationship to go, but are they prepared for where it leads them?

Tell Me You Need Me is a wonderfully steamy story full of heart. Gage and Chloe have chemistry that is seriously ridiculous, and the physical flowed into the emotional flawlessly. Joya Ryan is a complete master at the fine art of romance and heroes with seduction techniques that make you swoon. Amazing book from the Search and Seduce series!

My Rating:

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