Monday, February 24, 2020

My Review of the Live Action Lady and the Tramp and Nostalgia Over the Original

If I'm being completely honest, I wanted Disney Plus MOSTLY so that I could see the Live Action Lady and the Tramp. There were other reasons, but this was highest on the list when I first saw it was a Disney Plus exclusive.

A little backstory...

Growing up, my grandma (my dad's mom) had a VHS copy of Lady and the Tramp that I would watch almost every time I spent the night. I loved that movie. I loved it so much that when they released it from "the Disney vault" on DVD, I bought it that night after work. I loved it so much I paid FULL PRICE for it. And that's saying a lot for me because I'm always looking for a good deal or a coupon or a discount! Every time I rewatch it, I get all the childhood feels.

So, when I saw the preview for the Live Action version of Lady and the Tramp, I was beyond nostalgic. I didn't expect perfection, or for it to be better (in my eyes) than the animated original, but I knew it would still be good. I just didn't know HOW good.

I'd say a large portion of the movie was scene by scene, and with the modern graphic capabilities it was made very beautifully. The storyline remained the same with a few variations. Lady was quite a lady, and the Tramp was... well, quite a tramp. The dynamic between the two of them is unmatched. Forever OTP Lady + The Tramp.

The differences between the movies were mostly good. The only part I didn't like was the change of the Siamese cats to a different breed... which meant a new song since they couldn't do the "We Are Siamese" song, which is, to me, a very integral part to the movie. I may have enjoyed it more if the new song was catchy, but personally I wasn't a fan of it.

All in all, the movie gave me so many feels. I even cried like I do watching the animated version, so you know it must be good if I'm doing that!

While nothing can ever top the original for me (how could it?), I still absolutely adored the live action Lady and the Tramp! If you're a fan of the animated original like me, I think you'll really love the new one.

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