Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts At One In The Morning: A Book Blog

For years I have been wanting to create a book blog to talk about the books I read. I kept putting it aside with all the other things going on in real life. Then I got back into reading books again. And at this moment, I want nothing more than to share with others my thoughts on these amazing, life changing, eye opening books. I will start by going through all the books in my personal library and posting my thoughts on each and every one of them.

A lot of the best books that I have read have been finished at one in the morning. I got so captivated by the story that I couldn't just go to bed at a decent hour and finish in the morning. These fictional stories were so powerful in their telling that it felt like I was experiencing their joys, their pain, their life myself. Those books--they are the best books. You walk away from them with a new view on everything: your friends, your family, your enemies, your boyfriends, your ex-boyfriends. You can pick them up a year from now and live them just the same. You want to get on your bike and ride around your neighborhood yelling out to everyone to read the book.

Books. I really love to read books. And I hope by this blog, I can share my love of books with everyone.

Thank you for reading this, and please come back for my soon to happen "book blogging".


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  1. I feel the very same about books. There are times I get so wrapped up in their world, I forget our world exists. I often forget to eat dinner and definately forget that I should sleep at any point. It brings me joy to know that I am not the only one who gets so excited for books! I look forward to reading what books you are enjoying!



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