Thursday, October 6, 2011

Follow Friday #24

Alright! Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read and is a way for book bloggers to get to know each other better. Just go to their pages and follow the directions, and you'll be making some new friends! Our featured bloggers are the following A Neverending Fantasy & Jagged Edge Reviews. Congrats to being featured this week! ^_^

Q.If you could pick one character in a book, movie or television show to swap places with, who would it be?

A. That's a lot of answers!!! Okay, here goes:

Books--Anne Shirley in Anne Of Green Gables. Flip Hunter from And Both Were Young.
Movies--Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey (since I haven't read the book).
Television--Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl (FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, please refer to picture). And also I would be Veronica Mars. That is a nickname I was given by a friend because I resemble her in much of her attitude, PLUS I drive a LeBaron.

Happy Follow Friday!!!



  1. I agree with you one the TV show character. I love both Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars. Great pick!
    New follower!

    My FF:

  2. I haven't watched either of those shows, but I've heard Gossip girl is one I need to watch.

  3. Oh my, I wish I'd thought of Veronica Mars!

    Here's my Follow Friday.

  4. Hopping through. It'd be cool to be Blair - although things are usually harder for her than Serena. In a way.
    My Hop

  5. Hi & Happy Friday!

    great picks :)

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend, Sharon

  6. Anne Shirley!! Oh, I love Anne. I had actually thought of her for my answer too, I guess we're kindred spirits. ;-) I'm not familiar with Flip Hunter, but I know of the others, even though I've never actually watched the movies or shows they're from. Happy Friday, Jessica!

  7. Hah! From TV, I picked Serena. If we both got our wishes, we'd be best friends!

  8. Sagacity Quest: Yay! A GG & VM fan! Thanks! :)

    Ashley: It is a great show. :)

    Lux: I know, it's always one you end up forgetting since it was only on for 3 seasons. :P

    Alison: Yeah, Blair does seem to have a lot less going for her at times. :P

    Sharon: Thanks for stopping by!

    Marie: I think we ARE kindred spirits. :)

    TG: Best friends! Yes! ;)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Happy Follow Friday!!! ^_^

  9. i picked Blair too for my answer :)

    Trish - My Friday Memes

  10. Can you believe the stuff happening on GG right now! How does Chuck keep getting better and better despite all the stuff he's done?? I'd love to be Blair as well :)

  11. Love your choices! :)


  12. I picked some Austen characters as well - it's been so long since I've read Northanger, though, that I don't really remember it. *shame* I need to read that one again!

  13. Trish: A fellow Blair, yay!

    Lan: I know, right? It's insane crazy!

    Zareen: Thanks! :)

    Colleen: Austen characters are so great. :)

  14. Happy Follow Friday! Following!

    I love Anne! So dramatic

  15. New follower! <3


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