Monday, December 5, 2011

The Classics Reading Challenge

Ever find yourself saying, "All my life I've heard about that classic book and wanted to read it but never got around to it"? Ever watch a movie adaptation of an old novel and find yourself wishing you had read the book?

Well, it's time to end that procrastination because I am offering a simple solution:

The Classics Reading Challenge 2012

(hosted by Jessica @ Thoughts At One In The Morning) *

We all have at least a handful of classics we would like to read and haven't read. What better way to get caught up on them than to challenge ourselves to read a few of them this coming year? There are many benefits to reading the classics. Check out this article and see how.

The classics I'm talking about include ones by such authors as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, etc. I'm also talking about modern classics like To Kill A Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby. Here's a couple links with lists of classic novels: Wiki 100 Classic Book Collection & Greatest Novels of the 20th Century. (I had originally thought pre-1970, but there are some great classics from the 1970's as well, so they count too! So let's go with pre-1980 instead, use your own discretion.)

In this reading challenge, it's simple and easy. Pick out classic novels you have always wanted to read but haven't yet. Then read them! (An easy way to do this is to sort your Goodreads to-read shelf by date published, a few unknowns may pop up near the top, just go to the first one with a date and keep going until you reach the 1980's. This is what I did!)

You have 5 levels to choose from:

Level One: 1-3
Level Two: 4-6
Level Three: 7-9
Level Four: 10-12
Level Five: 13-15

Of course, you can read whatever number of classics you would like to. This is just a guideline if you want to have one.

Here's the details:

1. This challenge starts January 1st 2012 and ends December 31st 2012.
**Edited to add: Books can be in audiobook format and count toward this challenge as well.**
2. All books read for this challenge can be counted toward all other reading challenges.
3. All books chosen for this challenge must be books you have NEVER read or NEVER finished that were written prior to 1980.
4. Choose a level or number of books you would like to read.
5. Create a sign up post for your blog including the Classics Reading Challenge picture above and the books you would like to read (you can change your mind at any time).
6. Sign up for the challenge with the link to that post in the linky list below:

And that's about it! How about it guys? Who wants to read some of the classics we've missed out on over the years? I can't wait! I hope you join in as well.


EDIT TO ADD: Review Link Up has been posted September 1st 2012. Click THIS LINK to be directed to it to add your reviews. Thanks!!!

* As host, I reserve the right to remove you from the linky list if you are purposely going against the rules of the challenge, or if you are linking to anything that has nothing to do with this challenge. I highly doubt anyone would be stupid enough to do such a thing, but I feel it necessary to note just in case. Thanks for reading!


  1. bummer, no re-reads, I was totally looking forward to re-reading some of my favorites! I will still be joining though, I just need to figure out which ones I haven't read before LOL!

  2. I'm actually planning on rereading Anne Of Green Gables next year. I debated on counting rereads... but figured the lowest levels would be good for those who wanted to do rereads on their own. :)

  3. Sorry I made a mistake posting my name, I thought you had to accept my request first lol. Anyway in that case would be Laura @ Vintage Shelf and the link of the post is
    Sorry for the inconvenience

  4. Laura, no problem! I fixed it for you. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  5. Looking forward to this! Thanks for hosting. :) I'm only signing up for Level 1, but if I get through them all in a timely fashion, I might just live on the wild side and read more... LOL

    Happy reading, all, and good luck! :)

  6. Sorry I managed to sign up twice because first I linked my blog but I realised I should have linked my post bout the challenge and my choices and I tried to correct my first signin up but it signed me up again.

  7. No problem, Anaria, it's been fixed. ^_^

  8. So excited for this! This gives me the excuse I needed to get some of the classics read. :-)

  9. Glad I saw this on Rambling of a Daydreamer. Helped me to really focus on the classics next year! Very excited to be doing this and thanks for hosting!

  10. I know, right? They're always the ones that get set aside to do later. I'm so glad to have you both! :)

  11. How fortunate that I found this challenge! I have been thinking for some time now that I have not been able to read enough classic books. I hope this challenge will give me the kick I need. Thanks!

  12. I'm joining! It's time for me to read some classics. :D

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books

  13. Glad to have you both on board! It's a good bump in the right direction to read these books. :)

  14. Great idea! I'm doing Level 2 - I'm tackling some Dickens as it is in January, so throw in a couple more! Thanks for hosting!

  15. I am going to be ambitious and go for a level five. Wish me luck!

  16. Yay! More participants. Thanks for coming on board. :)

    (btw, I noticed a lot of very classic books, it makes me feel guilty to have picked so many modern classics, lol.)

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  18. I changed my blog's url this morning so I'll pop up twice on the sign up list. Sorry!

  19. Hi, I'm new to challenges this year, and have embarked on a few to push me a little farther this year.... THIS CHALLENGE is one close to my heart since it will keep me focused on reading some of the classics I've put off for so long and are in fact collecting dust on my bookshelf. My first classic is Wuthering Heights :) currently reading... Thanks for having this challenge...

  20. Finished "Wuthering Heights," if anyone is interested in visiting :)...

  21. Hi! **waves enthusiastically** I just joined your challenge. Thank you for hosting it! I am also a new follower.


  22. If anyone is interested, please visit my review of "Lolita" by Vladimir Nobokov - finished it as my 2nd novel in this challenge :):

  23. I was talking to a friend about reading some classics this summer. I Googled and found this blog post. :)

  24. Sorry if you've said this somewhere, but is there a place for us to link up our reviews or will there be at the end of the year? I just finally got my first book read and as I was writing my review I wondered about sharing it. Thanks Jess!


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