Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Replay #2

Sunday Replay is a weekly recap of the postings on this blog. I will also be sharing other articles and newsworthy items I've found interesting. I may even showcase some new pictures I've uploaded.

Stuff from the blog this week:

In other news elsewhere on the internet..

  • A Writer's Digest article on picking out character names. There are seven points made, all interesting. Once in awhile it's a battle for me and I appreciate the tips.
  • Marie at Ramblings of a Daydreamer talks about the increasing number of bloggers calling it quits. I am equally as saddened at how things have become.
  • Also, The Broke and the Bookish talk about naughty authors and the way it affects readers. It's utterly ridiculous what some have done, and I wish they could see how it makes the readers feel.
  • On Angela's Anxious Life is a cute post on Waldo from Where's Waldo? I grew up looking through one of the books so I have a lot of fond memories searching for Waldo. Hmm... now I need to pull my book out again!!
  • A post from J.A. Konrath on Ebooks and libraries, including how an author/library could go about it. I think it will be great the more people get on board!
  • An article on The Indelibles called The Tao of Creativity. Hopefully you come away from it feeling optimistic about yourself and your writing ability. We all have something to say that is worth hearing, never convince yourself otherwise.
  • Evie-Bookish wants you to vote for the Top 25 Indie Authors you should know. Hop on over there are get to voting/nominating!

Another LOL cat of my sweet kitty that ran away, Ollie:

Okay, so what's been going on... I really can't think of anything special. I wish I could though!

Much love to all!



  1. Love it! So many great posts, and thank you for featuring mine! :-D JA Konrath always has something interesting to say. I haven't read his blog in awhile, but he's a good one to go to if you're researching indie publishing.

    1. Oh and forgot to mention I love the LOL cat! Too funny.

    2. No problem, hon! I love to feature the ones that state something important. :)

      I'm kinda addicted to making LOL cats now that I have a place to make them on. :P I take so many kitty pictures it isn't funny!


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