Friday, November 9, 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: Weekly Link Up--Week One

Welcome to the Scarlet Read-Along!

Marie at Ramblings of a Daydreamer and I are proud to present this read-along event to you.

Today we are going to discuss what we thought during week one of reading Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen. Our second assignment in the read-along was to read the chapters two through five. Please link up your post in the comments below so I can read and discuss the book with you too!


Week One: Chapters 2-5...

Okay, I almost didn't make it this week. Thank goodness I did though, otherwise it would look like I was a bad co-host, and that I didn't know what I was talking about... anyways... here are my thoughts on this week's reading...

It's starting to pick up! A little bit of the mystery behind Scarlet is beginning to come to light. She is proving herself capable, but she's very independent, so she makes hasty decisions that could be to her detriment. Yet, you still can't help but love her and root for her and wish you were her. I loved seeing Scarlet and the boys in action. And our nemesis getting taken down a peg, although his retaliation left me a bit miffed. The hint of romance is still there teasing us, although not all of it is what I'm rooting for. Uh, can you say Team Robin? Because that's where I stand! <3 you Robin! Oh, and there was that one scene that nearly had me in as much of a fit of giggles as the boys. Poor Scarlet. For me, that would be the downside of pretending to be a boy instead of a girl. In any case, I am still enjoying this very much!


Next Week...

November 1st - 2nd: Chapter 1
November 3rd - 9th: Chapters 2-5
November 10th - 16th: Chapters 6-9
November 17th - 23rd: Chapters 10-13
November 24th - 30th: Chapters 14-16

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Want more details about the read-along? Check out this post for all the details. ^_^


  1. You're Team Robin, you say? Uh-oh, I sense a divide coming...I'm Team John. Marie will have to be the tie-breaker :-)

    My link-up

    1. Noooooooo!!!! Lol. I suppose there is a divide now! We may need a tie-breaker...

  2. Crap, I'm not good as a tie-breaker! lol I have this problem with love triangles where I tend to love both relationships and have trouble choosing if I can see good points for both...BUT if I HAD to choose, I'd be Team Robin because come on, it's Robin. I've loved him my entire life. Although John had a few moments that made my insides go all squishy. I'm hopeless!

    I'm glad you're enjoying it, Jess. There are so many layers to the story and to Scarlet herself. I guess it's a good thing I haven't had much time to read or I'd probably be finished by now and then have to go back to make my notes. I did my post after midnight last night because things have been so hectic, so can you imagine if we both hadn't posted? Major fail as hosts lol I'm quite proud of us though, and I'm having fun with this little endeavor of ours. ;-) <3

    1. Hahaha! Sorry for putting you on the spot there... but I do see both sides. John's not bad, I'm just partial to Robin myself. :)

      Yes, many layers. Hahaha! I ended up starting the next chapter last night, even though I wasn't supposed to start it yet. I partly did so because I fell behind last week. Oh, I know, that would have been host fail! Lol. I'm glad we made it, this is a lot of fun!!! :D


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