Monday, December 30, 2013

Making 2013 The Best Year Ever...

Upon stepping into 2013, I had very high hopes. A very optimistic view. You remember my post on January 1st about living life to the fullest and making every moment count. I was determined to make 2013 the best year ever. I created a bucket list on Pinterest. I even filled out Susannah Conway's Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook. I had goals and dreams and I was so excited for 2013.

Did 2013 turn out to be the best year ever? I don't want to outright say no, because that almost makes it sound negative. It wasn't the "best year ever" but it wasn't everything I hoped.

In the last month or so, I've been having slightly negative thoughts about 2013. I knew the year was almost over and there was so much more that I wanted to do, so much more that I wanted to be. It was really getting to me and I knew that if I kept the negativity up, it was not going to help me move forward in life. So I took a step back and considered the positive things that did happen in 2013 and see what it meant to where I am now.

You know what I discovered? 2013 was a much more important year in my life than I ever imagined possible.

I may not have accomplished several things I wanted to, but I finished and published my first novel. I may not have gotten out of pharmacy forever, but I'm in a job that I'm really enjoying. I may not be as fearless as I would like to be, but my confidence alone has built up higher than I ever thought possible. And I may not have done much with friends throughout the year, but I have learned so much about life in general from them.

I went into 2013 expecting one thing, but I came out of it with something else entirely. I've become a new person, one with a new perspective. Every day is a learning experience. Every person we encounter has something to teach us. If we turn our backs on these things, we're going to have a lot of regrets.

Honestly? 2013 didn't happen how I thought it would. Not everything went as planned. Or as I expected them to. And yes, some things didn't happen as I wanted them to. And yet, everything that did happen--I'm fine with it. More than fine. Like I always say, I'm not going to regret things because without them I'm not me. So, the good and the bad and even the things I kinda sorta regret, I'm glad for them all. I needed this year, more than I thought.

I am grateful for everything 2013 has brought to me, because without 2013 I wouldn't be where I am today.



  1. Oh this POST. A friend of mine says often "stop expecting happiness to look like what you thought it would," and I was reminded of that reading this post. I am so proud of you for this year, girl, and I can't WAIT to see what 2014 brings you!

    1. Oooh, I like that phrase. I'm going to write it down. Thank you! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you too, there's so much awesome ahead for both of us. :D


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