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Blog Tour and Review: One Chance Night by Eliza Boyd

Welcome to the One Chance Night blog tour!


Title: One Chance Night
Author: Eliza Boyd
Published: May 15th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
On the surface, Chelsea Greer has it all:
A loving husband.
A nice house.
A good job.

In reality, she works hard to maintain the illusion that is her life. She's also missing the most important thing:


One night could change her life. One night could give her the strength to rediscover what's important. In one night, she could find love when she most needs it and least expects it.

All Chelsea has to do is follow her heart after One Chance Night.

My Thoughts:

When I first heard about Eliza Boyd's debut novel, I was super stoked and couldn't wait to read it. I expected it to be an emotionally charged book, one that would bring on the feels. I just had no idea how many feels it would bring, and how much it would make me tear up and even cry!

Chelsea's life isn't what she expected. She does seem to have it all, but having a husband, house, and job doesn't mean life is perfect. Her husband, Wesley, is not a remotely decent person--he's verbally abusive and very controlling. It seems he used to be a good man at one point, but things changed and Chelsea accepted it. She struggles to keep herself together, to do what she has to by staying with him and making sure she's always there when he gets home.

But she decides to go out one night....and everything changes when she meets Brett. Now, I can't go into too many details without just telling the whole entire story, but I will say that the conversations with Brett were intense and eye-opening. That night influences Chelsea in an amazing way, but you have to read for yourself to find out what happens.

One Chance Night is a story of hope, love, and learning how to have enough confidence in yourself. Chelsea's story is sadly like a lot of other real life stories--abusive spouse, the feeling that there's no way out, etc. It was empowering to read a story about a woman who learns how to choose for herself what she wants in life, and it's exactly what women need to know--there IS a way. Amazing debut novel by Eliza Boyd and I can't wait to read the rest of the Make a Change series!

My Rating:

About Eliza Boyd:
Eliza Boyd is a contemporary women’s fiction and romance author. Also an avid reader, she writes novels, short stories, poetry, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, she now lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and her plethora of animals. When she’s not reading, writing, or working, she can be found walking around her neighborhood (for exercise, not for stalking), taking photos of her pets, or catching up on her favorite shows. Catching up really means binge-watching.
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