Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review: Best Man...with Benefits by Nancy Warren

Title: Best Man...with Benefits
Author: Nancy Warren
Published: June 16th 2015
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
May the best man sin…

Lauren Sanger is practically the perfect maid of honor, except for one tiny flaw. She hates the best man. Jackson Monaghan is beyond hot—his body is the stuff of sexy lady dreams—but he's just such a jerk. So when a prank lands them in the same bed, Lauren should have flipped out…instead of having the best sex of her life with the best man!

Jackson can't figure out how two people with anti-chemistry during the day can have such a wickedly hot sexual chemistry at night. Worse still, he wants more. Enough to dare Lauren into doing the last thing she should be doing—him. But friends with benefits is one thing…enemies with benefits is quite another.

My Thoughts:

So, one day, I picked one of my review books at random (kind of an eenie, meenie, miney, mo sort of thing) and landed on this one. I loved the title and the premise, so I knew it was a good choice. I just didn't know HOW good of a choice it was. Once I started, I couldn't stop, didn't want to stop, and when I finished, I wanted to read it again.

Lauren and Jackson are two people who just don't get along. They constantly fight and can't stand being around each other. Then on the night of the wedding of Seth and Amy, Jackson's best friend and Lauren's best friend respectively, some friends decide it would be fun to play a little prank on the two enemies. Jackson ends up in Lauren's room and in her bed before the two of them realize what happened. Once they do realize, Jackson expects Lauren to flip out. Instead, she kisses him. The two of them pretend that night didn't happen, and yet neither one of them wants to forget.

Best Man...with Benefits is by far one of my favorite Blaze novels to date. Nancy Warren took the enemies to lovers concept and made it into this absolutely beautiful love story. I kept reading, completely captivated by Lauren and Jackson, wanting to see how their story would unfold. The relationship changes gradually to friendship, and the journey they take still makes me grin. This is definitely one of those books I would read and reread for years to come.

My Rating:

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