Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guest Posts Wanted & Sunday Replay #3

Before I get to the Sunday Replay, I wanted to get the word out that I'm looking for people to do a few guest posts between now and December. I would like to focus more on writing my novel and could use a few posts from blogger and author friends to fill in the empty spaces. I'll still be writing a few discussion posts and the occasional random post, I just need a handful of fun things to sprinkle in here and there.

What kind of posts?:  I would like anything blog, reading, book, or writing related. A couple things coming up soon are Banned Books Week (Sept. 30−Oct. 6, 2012) and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo--November), so posts about either would be fine. Please bear in mind, this is a PG blog, so I don't want anything explicit. Just basic book bloggish topics will do. Also, they don't have to be long, even three or four paragraphs would be perfectly fine by me!

How do I sign up?:  Send an email to impulsivities[at]gmail[dot]com with your name, your blog name, your blog url, and a short list of ideas for a guest post. If you're an author, I can include a bit about your book as well.

At the moment, I only need a handful of posts. I'm not sure how many responses I'll get from this, but I will try to include everyone that I can.

Thank you!


Now on to Sunday Replay...

Sunday Replay is a weekly recap of the postings on this blog. I will also be sharing other articles and newsworthy items I've found interesting. I may even showcase some new pictures I've uploaded.

Stuff from the blog this week:

In other news elsewhere on the internet..

Instead of an LOLcat, I decided to share a quick story. Back in the day, my boyfriend at the time got me some roses. I decided to dry them, so I rigged up this box using ribbons and tape so they could dry up out of the way. I put it on top of my tall shelf, thinking the cat wouldn't disturb them.

I was so wrong.

My crazy kitty Ollie wasn't about to leave them be. So he climbed his way up inside the box and started to chew at the flowers and leaves. Here are two pictures... one showing where the box was, the other showing the culprit when he got caught.

Much love to all!



  1. I wish I could help with your posts but I barely have time to write my own, you know? I LOVE the pictures. It's funny to me to see how dang determined kitties can be.

    1. No worries! Although it would be cool to have a guest post by you. ;) I know, they ARE determined! :P

  2. I owe you an email (I suck at replying - in case you haven't notice - plus I haven't really touched my email all weekend), but in case I forget to mention it in my reply I'd be happy to do a guest post for you. I have no idea what, but I'm sure I'll have to start thinking up some for TGC before its release. I'm not sure whether to do a tour or not...I'm thinking if I did it'd only be a week or so since the month-long BSD tour just about did me in. Maybe we could tie it in somehow? Hmmm...anyway...great posts! I haven't done much random surfing lately so it's nice to see stuff that I've missed. The Konrath post was particularly interesting. Kind of scary how things are becoming so ridiculous and intense in this community. At first I didn't realize he was being sarcastic (I'm so tired lol) and I was like, wait, I know friends are biased, but I've made so many friends through blogging, and now I can't ask them to review my books?! lol...yeah...I need to go to bed!
    Giggling over your Ollie story...I swear they try to outsmart us on purpose!

    1. PS - Gold star for you wanting to focus on your writing! I'm considering participating in NaNo this year, but now I KNOW I can write a book in a month, plus I want to start my next book soon, so...we'll see!

    2. No worries! I know you've got a lot on your plate right now. I might be sending an email to you tonight/tomorrow because I am *this close* to done with reading TGC. ^_^

      I was thinking about TGC and wondering what your plans were for it. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to maybe just do a bunch of guest posts/interviews scattered over the month following in lieu of a blog tour. Or a mini blog tour with just one post a day for 7 days. I could even make some sort of jewelry type thing to giveaway along with a promotion on my blog. :)

      I know! I thought he was being serious at first too. It kind of freaked me out, then I started busting up laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

      Thanks! I'm freaking out at how easy it is becoming for me to write. You could so do NaNo this year!!! I'd cheer you on! :D

    3. OMG that makes me really excited and nervous and terrified and omg I can't wait to hear what you think *starts biting nails* lol

      Whatever I decide to do I guess I'd better do it soon since so many people book tours and reviews months in advance now. I don't even know what to do about ARCs since there's only two months until my scheduled pub date. Is it bad that I just want the book to sell itself? lol Promoting BSD took so much out of me, it's hard to imagine going through it all again! A jewelry type thing would be AWESOME to tie in with a promotion! I had my first TGC-related guest post idea today, so I'm going to work on it and see what you think.

      I'm thinking I might just try NaNo this'd be fun with you as a cheerleader! ;-) I wrote book 3 in exactly 3 weeks, so I know I can physically do it. Plus by then I should have book 3 revised and be able to start something new (OOH remind me to tell you one of my ideas...I want you to be finished TGC first). Anyway, I'm seriously ramblings again and I don't even have the excuse that it's late at night. I'm just sort of procrastinating because I don't feel like working! lol

    4. Lol! Okay, first off, you have nothing to be nervous about when it comes to TGC... When I first downloaded it, I opened it up to read a couple chapters and get a feel for the story. I ended up getting sucked into the world and couldn't stop. AH!!! Trust me, you will be pleased with my thoughts. ;)

      Once you get the beta data back, you can put out another all-call and say ARCs will be ready soon and start a waiting list. I'm sure you'll get several people signed up! As for a jewelry thing, I'll email you about that and a couple other ideas I have. Oooh! A post, already? Can't wait to see!

      AH! New idea. Yay! It shouldn't take me much longer to finish. Lol, I think we're both entitled to ramble when we get excited. I'll be emailing you either later tonight or tomorrow with my thoughts on TGC, so you can email me back then. ;)

  3. Kudos to you for wanting to focus on writing! I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading, hence the late comment, but I'm intrigued by the thought of doing a guest post. The first thing that comes to mind is something for NaNo, probably about how I've never won!

    1. I would love to have you do a guest post! It doesn't even have to be a long one either, short and sweet would be perfectly alright. :) Something on NaNo would work. Send me an email with ideas!


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