Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's Your Status #5

What's Your Status comes from Butterfly Feet Walking On Life. The object is to post what you have finished in the last week, what you are currently reading, what you plan to read in the coming week, and what you want to buy next. You can also post about reviews you've written and memes you have done, though these aren't mandatory. I will also be posting the status of my reading challenges.

I did a little better this week than last week. But, still a little bit behind. My writing has been dominating my free time, plus... I went to the library and am being tempted by a LOT of new books to start.

2011 Summer Romance Challenge: I've read 1 of 8 books, Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison.

I ended up having quite the long day, so I am just now getting to this! AH! Better late than never! ^_^



  1. I still have My Blood Approves on my TBR list. I hope you like it. It looks like you're reading a bunch of good books right now. Happy Reading!

    Marcie from To Read or Not To Read


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